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Christy Zolfoghary



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Dr. Zolfoghary is a Texas native. In 1983, she obtained an undergraduate B.B.A. in marketing and a minor in psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Dr. Zolfoghary remained in Texas to complete a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology in 1989, working at the University of Texas Southwestern Sport Science Research Center with professional and Olympic athletes.

In 1995, she began medical school at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico. Dr. Zolfoghary completed her general surgery residency in New Orleans in 2007. Prior to joining AGVS in 2011, Dr. Zolfoghary worked in Lakeland, Florida. She is a member of the American Medical Association and an authored a variety of publications. In her free time, Dr. Zolfoghary enjoys painting, outdoor activities, and sports.